Master of Divinity (M.Div)

Bethany Institute of Theology is aimed at training laity who are members of their respective local congregations and unable to regularly attend a theological college. Students will be introduced to theological training, which will equip them for active participation in Christian Mission, evangelism and service. Classes and training will be conducted in extension centers under direct supervision of competent teachers and overseeing of the administrative committee of BIT.

Although the programme will be under the direct supervision of the Administrative committee of BIT and a number of extension study centers will be opened in India and abroad based upon needs and requests of candidates registering for the course. However, it is recommended that there be at least ten candidates who have registered for the course in order to open and extension study centre. Co operation of the churches and pastors must be secured before a centre is opened in an area.

Program Details

   Course Offered

  1. Master of Divinity (M. Div.) English Medium 3 Years 

Admission Requirements:

Educational qualification 

  1. M. Div.: Bachelor degree from any recognized university. 

Other Requirements:

  1. Must have a genuine born again       experience
  2. Must have a definite call to Christian Ministry
  3. Must complete 18 years at the time       of applying

Pastors or Christian workers who work in the mission field can join the M. Div Program as mature candidates. 

Master of Divinity

This is a three year programme for graduates, intended to train candidates for teaching ministry as well as pastoral work. Candidates are required to complete the courses which are enlisted in the curriculum and write a thesis with 8000 – 10,000 words. The medium of instruction is English. In addition to this, every student is required to complete the intensive ministerial orientation.